Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is PMSI?

    PMSI is a is a Bellevue-based, family-owned and operated medical supplier which was founded in 1973. PMSI strives to bring excellent support and supplies to new and established breastfeeding moms. We understand the ups and downs that can occur with the art of breastfeeding and are here to help! All our employees have extensive experience within the breastfeeding community and have wonderful knowledge to share. Don't hestitate to pay us a visit!

  • My insurance provider told me that they'd cover "100%" of the pump cost. Why is there still a balance for me to pay?
    While some insurance providers will cover the cost of the pump, there are instances when the insurance company will cover 100% of what is called the allowable, meaning that they will allocate the full amount that they are permitted to the cost of your pump. In some cases, the allowable amount will be less than the total cost of many available breast pumps, and the difference in price will be your responsibility.
  • Why do i have a balance?
    Most insurance companies will cover the cost of what is considered a “standard model” consumer grade breast pump. Our goal is to offer each mom the opportunity to choose the right pump for her, and for some, this is an upgraded model. If you have chosen a pump that is outside the scope of your insurance company’s coverage, then there will most likely be an out of pocket patient responsibility for the upgrade. If you are concerned about a bill you received, please call us so that we can help.